Friday, April 8, 2011

Miranda Cosgrove's Love For Cupcakes

Everyone has got something which they love,and so does our 'Tween Queen' Miranda Cosgrove.Miranda absolutely loves cupcakes.It's really obvious because she takes photo shoots holding cupcakes or with cupcakes.
Here's a picture of Miranda with candy and of course cupcakes  
Miranda Cosgrove told 'People Magazine' in the iCarly special October 2009,'I'm not that much of a baker,but i'm a huge cupcake eater'.She also mentioned about her sleepover 'I had a sleepover with my friend,and we made cupcakes.She did most of the actual baking.I did the frosting and eating!'.

 A page from people magazine,which also tells us her favourite things.

   Miranda sure loves cupcakes,will someone look at that adorable expression :)

Miranda also has a picture taken casually,also holding a cupcake..sure tells us how deeply she loves them.By the way,now I feel like eating cupcakes...(Yum)!Whose hungry?!
  That cupcake looks really edible.....Now i'm really hungry :D

Here is a photo shoot,All pictures are with cupcakes except for one.She looks really elegant in the bold background and that awesome outfit.Not forgetting those tasty cupcakes.

Great poise!Miranda looks like she's gonna sing a cupcake song..hehe

That seriously looks like a Japanese person serving cupcakes,haha,reminds me of Najwa.

If your not gonna eat that cupcake,save it for me ;)

A nice way to surf the net!(With Cupcakes)

On her Sweet 16 Birthday,two years ago.She celebrated her birthday with a tower of cupcakes!!!How awesome is that??Here are two pics of Miranda in her Birthday Party.

Omg!Those cupcakes look awesomely sweet!I'm sure she has a great time ;)

Miranda looks happy!Cupcakes looks great and so does she ;)

You all know Miranda in iCarly.Looks like Carly has the love for cupcakes too.This makes our two awesome girls the same,well,same as in the love for cupcakes :D Special thanks to Just Jared Jr for this picture :)

Look at those cupcakes,Looks different,but hey,who said cupcakes can't be made creatively,iCarly style.

Here are also some pics i found from a Miranda Cosgrove fan site.Thanks!It's been long so i don't really remember what was the website's name.Well here are two pictures from a Miranda Cosgrove's Photo Shoot.

As adorable as always,Looks like there's a cherry on top :)

Almost gonna take the first bite.Hope you like it Miranda.

Alright Miranda Cosgrove Fans!!That's all of the pictures of our 'Tween Queen" with cupcakes.Hope you liked it ;) There will be more pictures to come soon.

Swati Milan